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Дискография группы At Vance

1) "No Escape" - 1999

Flying high
No escape
No speak
Die in your arms
All for one, one for all
Money, money, money
Antonio Vivaldi: Four seasons - Summer
Lost in your love
Power & glory
Seven seas
Eye of the tiger

2) "Heart Of Steel" - 2000

Soldier of time
The brave and the strong
Heart of steel
King of your dreams
Princess of the night
Why do you cry ?
Don't you believe a stranger
Chopin; etude no.4
Logical song

3) "Dragonchaser" - 2001

Ages of glory
Beethoven; 5th symphony
Heaven can wait
The winner takes it all
My bleeding heart
Two kings
Too late
Ases death

4) "Early Works" - 2001

Falling one by one
You ’ll survive
The guide
My one & only love
Tales of mystery
Out of reach
Your love
Kiss of death
Burning my heart
Tears of pain
Take my heart

5) "Only Human" - 2002

The time has come
Only human
Take my pain
Fly to the rainbow
Hold your fire
Antonio Vivaldi: Four seasons - Spring
Take me away
Solfeggietto (J.S. Bach)
Sing this song
Witches dance
Wings to fly
I surrender
Heroes of honor

6) "The Evil In You" - 2003

Fallen angel
Broken vow
The evil in you
Stronger than you think
The curtain will fall
One million miles away
Right or wrong
Shining star
Street of my dreams
Caprice no. 16
Princess of ice
Angel of the dark
You will never take my soul

7) "Chained" - 2005

Rise from the fall
Tell me
Who’s foolin’ who
Now or never
Two hearts
Invention no. Thirteen
Run i leave
Live for the sacred
Antonio Vivaldi: Four seasons - Winter
Run for your life
Flight of the bumblebee