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Дискография группы Black Sabbath  

1)"Black Sabbath" - 1970

Black Sabbath
The Wizard
WASP Behind The Wall Of Sleep Bassically N.I.B.
Wicked World
A Bit Of Finger Sleeping Village Warning

2)"Paranoid" - 1970

War Pigs
Planet Caravan
Iron Man
Electric Funeral
Hand Of Doom
Rat Salsd
Fairies Wear Boots

3)"Master Of Reality" - 1971

Sweet Leaf
After Forever
Children Of The Grave
Lord Of This World
Into The Void

4)"Vol.4" - 1972

Wheels Of Confusion The Straightener
Tomorrow Dream
Laguna Sunrise
St.Vitus' Dance
Under The Sun Every Day Comes And Goes

5)"Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" - 1973

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
A National Acrobat
Fluff (instrumental)
Sabbra Cadabra
Killibg Yourself To Live
Who Are You
Looking For Today
Spiral Architecy

6)"Sabotage" - 1975

Hole In The Sky
Don't Start
Symptom Of The Universe
The Thrill Of It All
Am I Going Insane
The Writ

7)"Technical Ecstasy" - 1976

Back Street Kids
You Won't Change Me
It's All Right
All Moving Parts
Rock'N'Roll Doctor
She's Gone
Dirty Women

8)"Never Say Die!" - 1978

Never Say Die
Johhny Blade
Junior's Eyes
A Hard Road
Shock Wave
Air Dance
Over To You
Swinging The Chain

9)"Heaven And Hell" - 1980

Neon Knights
Children Of The Sea
Lady Evil
Heaven And Hell
Wishing Well
Die Young
Walk Away
Lonely Is The Word

10)"Mob Rules" - 1981

Turn Up The Night
Sign Of The Southern Cross
Mob Rules
Country Girl
Slipping Away
Falling Off The Edge Of The World
Over And Over

11)"Born Again" - 1983

Disturbing The Priest
The Dark
Zero The Hero
Digital Bitch
Born Again
Hot Line
Keep It Warm

12)"Seventh Star" - 1986

In For The Kill
No Stranger To Love
Turn To Stone
Sphinx (The Guardian)
Seventh Star
Danger Zone
Heart Like A Weel
Angry Heart
In Memory

13)"The Eternal Idol" - 1987

The Shining
Ancient Warrior
Hard Life To Love
Glory Ride
Here Them Call!
Born To Lose
Scarlet Pimpernell
Lost Forever
Eternal Idol

14)"Headless Cross" - 1989

The Gates Of Hell
Headless Cross
Devil And Daughter
When Death Calls
Kill In The Spirit World
Call Of The Wild
Black Moon

15)"Tyr" - 1990

Anno Mundi
The Law Maker
The Sabbath Stone
The Battle Of Tyr
Odin's Court
Feels Good To Me
Heaven In Black

16)"Dehumanizer" - 1992

Computer God
After All (The Dead)
TV Crimes
Letters From Earth
Master Of Insanity
Time Machine
Sins Of The Father
Too Late
Buried Alive

17)"Cross Purposes" - 1994

I Withness
Cross Of Thorns
Virtual Death
Immaculate Deception
Dying For Love
Back To Eden
The Hand That Rocks The Cradle
Cardinal Sin
Evil Eye
What's The Use

18)"Forbidden" - 1995

The Illusion Of Power
Get A Grip
Can't Get Close Enough
Shaking Off The Chains
I Won't Cry For You
Guilty As Hell
Sick And Tired
Rusty Angels
Kiss Of Death
Loser Gets All

19)"Reunion" - 1998

Psycho Man
Selling My Soul

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