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Дискография группы Manowar

1)"Battle Hymns" - 1982

 Death Tone 
Metal Daze 
Fast Taker 
Shell Shock 
Dark Avenger 
William's Tale (instrumental) 
Battle Hymn


 2)"Into Glory Ride" - 1983


Secret of Steel 
Gloves of Metal 
Gates of Valhalla 
Revelation (Death's Angel) 
March for Revenge (By The Soldiers Of Death)


3)"Hail To England" - 1984


Blood Of My Enemies
Each Dawn I Die
Kill With Power
Hail To England
Army Of The Immortals
Black Arrows
Bridge Of Death


4)"Sigh Of The Hammer" - 1984


All Men Play on 10 
 Thor (The Powerhead) 
Sign of the Hammer 
The Oath 
Thunderpick (instrumental) 
Guyana (Cult of the Damned)


5)"Fighting The World" - 1987


Fighting the World 
Blow Your Speakers 
Carry On 
Violence And Bloodshed 
Drums of Doom (instrumental) 
Holy War 
Master of Revenge 
Black Wind, Fire And Steel


6)"Kings Of Metal" - 1988


Wheels Of Fire
Kings Of Metal
Pleasure Slave
Sting Of The Bumblebee
Blood Of The Kings
Heart Of Steel
The Crown And The Ring
Kingdom Come
Hail And Kill
The Warriors Player


7)"The Triumph Of Steel" - 1992


1.  Achilles, Agony And Ecstasy in Eight Parts: 
     Prelude (instrumental)
I.  Hector Storms the Wall
II.  The Death of Patroclus
III.  Funeral March (instrumental)
IV.  Armor of the Gods (instrumental)
V.  Hector's Final Hour
VI.  Death Hector's Reward
VII.  The Desecration of Hector's Body
   Part 1 (instrumental)
   Part 2 (instrumental)
VIII.  The Glory of Achilles
2.  Metal Warriors (Brothers of Metal Part One) 
3.  Ride the Dragon 
4.  Spirit Horse of the Cherokee 
5.  Burning 
6.  The Power of Thy Sword 
7.  The Demon's Whip 
8.  Master of the Wind


8)"Louder Than Hell" – 1996


Return of the Warlord
Brothers of Metal Pt.1
The Gods Made Heavy Metal
Number 1
Today Is a Good Day to Die (instrumental)
My Spirit Lives On (instrumental)
The Power


 9)"Hell On Wheels Live" – 1997


CD – 1 

Kings of Metal
Kill With Power
Sign of the Hammer
My Spirit Lives On
Piano Interlude
Spirit Horse of the Cherokee
Blood of my Enemies
 Hail And Kill
Warriors of the World


CD – 2

 Wheels of Fire
 Metal Warriors
 Army of the Immortals
 Black Arrows
 Fighting the World
Thor (The Powerhead)
The Gods Made Heavy Metal
Black Wind, Fire And Steel
Return of the Warlord
Carry On
Battle Hymn


10)"Hell On Stage Live" - 1999


CD - 1

Metal Daze 
Dark Avenger 
March for Revenge 
Gates of Valhalla 
Bridge of Death 
William's Tale 
Guyana (Cult of the damned)

CD - 2

The Warriors Prayer
Blood of the Kings 
Sting of the Bumblebee 
Heart of Steel 
Master of the Wind 
The Power 
The Crown & the Ring (Outro)

11)"Warriors Of The World" - 2002


Call To Arms
Fight For Freedom
Nessun Dorma
Sword In The Wind
An American Trilogy
The March
Warriors Of The World United
Hand Of Doom
House Of Death
Fight Until We Die