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Дискография группы Therion

1)"Paroxysmal Holocaust" - 1989

Morbid reality
The return
Bells of Doom

2)"Beyond The Darkest Veils Of Inner Wickedness" - 1989

Macabre declension
Paroxysmal holocaust

3)"Time Shall Tell" - 1990

Time shall tell
Dark eternity
Asphyxiate with fear
A suburb to hell

4)"Of Darkness..." - 1991

The return
Asphyxiate with fear
Morbid reality
A suburb to hell
Genocidal raids
Time shall tell
Dark eternity

5)"Beyond Sanctorum" - 1991

Future consciousness
Pandemonic outbreak
Symphony of the Dead
Beyond sanctorum
Enter the deapths of eternal darkness
Illusions of life
The way
Tyrants of the damned

6)"Ho Drakon Ho Megas" - 1993

Baal reginon
Dark princess Naamah
A black rose (covered with tears, blood and ice)
Symphoni drakonis inferni
Dawn of perishness
The eye of eclipse
The ritual dance of the Yezidis
Procreation of eternity
Ho drakon ho megas, act 1: The dragon throne
Ho drakon ho megas, act 2: Fire and ecstasy

7)"Beauty in Black" - 1995

Arrival of the darkest queen
The beauty in black
Evocation of vovin
The veil of golden spheres

8)"Lepaca Kliffoth" - 1995

The wings of the Hydra
Arrival of the darkest queen
The beauty in black
Riders of theli
Darkness eve
Sorrows of the moon
Let the new day begin
Lepaca kliffoth
Evocation of vovin
Enter the voids
The veil of golden spheres

9)"Siren of the Woods" - 1996

The siren of the woods (single version)
Cults of the shadow (edited version)

10)"Theli" - 1996

To mega therion
Cults of the shadow
In the desert of Set
Nightside of Eden
Opus eclipse
Invocation of Naamah
The siren of the woods
Grand Finale / Postludium

11)"A'arab Zaraq - Lucid Dreaming" - 1997

Into remembrance
Black fairy
Fly to the rainbow
Children of the damned
Under Jolly Roger
Symphony of the dead
Here comes the tears
Enter transcendental sleep
The quiet desert
Down the qliphothic tunnel
Up to netzach / Floating back
The fall into eclipse
Enter transcendental sleep II
The gates to A'arab Zaraq are open
The quiet desert II
Down the qliphothic tunnel II
Up to netzach II
Floating back II

12)"Eye of Shiva" - 1998

Eye of Shiva (radio edit)
Birth of Venus illegitima (radio edit)
The rise of Sodom and Gomorrah (album version)
Eye of Shiva (album version)

13)"Vovin" - 1998

The rise of Sodom and Gomorrah
Birth of Venus illegitima
Wine of Aluqah
Clavicula nox
The wild hunt
Eye of Shiva
Black sun
The opening
Morning star
Black diamonds
Raven of dispersion

14)"Crowning of Atlantis" - 1999

Crowning of Atlantis
Mark of Cain
Clavicula nox (remix)
Crazy nights
From the Dionysian days
Thor (The powerhead)
To mega therion (live)
The wings of the Hydra (live)
Black sun (live)

15)"Deggial" - 2000

Seven secrets of the Sphinx
Eternal return
Enter vril-ya
Ship of Luna
The invincible
Emerald crown
The flight of the Lord of Flies
Flesh of the gods
Via nocturna part I,II
O Fortuna

16)"Secret of the Runes" - 2001

Ginnungagap (Prologue)
Schwarzalbenheim (Svartalfheim)
Secret of The Runes (Epilogue)
Crying days (remixed)
Summer night city (remixed)

17)"Bells of Doom" - 2001

Rockn' roll jam
Scared to death (excerpt)
Bells of Doom
Macabre Declension
Paroxymal Holocaust
Black (demo)
Melez (demo)
Path of the Psychopath

18)"Live in Midgard" - 2002


Ginnungagap (live)
Invocation of Naamah (live)
Birth of Venus Illegitima (live)
Enter Vril-Ya (live)
Riders of Theli (live)
Symphony of the Dead (live)
A Black Rose (live)
The Return (live)
Baal Reginon (live)
Flesh of the Gods (live)
Seawinds (live)
Swarzalbenheim (live)
In the Desert of Set (live)
The Wings of the Hydra (live)
Asgard (live)
The Secret of the Runes (live)
The Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah (live)
Summernight City (live)
Beauty in Black (live)
Seven Secrets of the Sphinx (live)
The Wine of Aluqah (live)
The Raven of Dispersion (live)
To Mega Therion (live)
Cults of the Shadow (live)